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Bobby McConnell

Bobby is another student who died too early, in the summer of 1964 (between our 9th and 10th grades). He and nine other kids died in a fire in their home, a tragedy that was reported in the national news media. Those who attended Franklin should remember him and the fire. He was a good person - always kind and smiling. Had he lived he would have graduated in '67 as well.

This information was sent to me by Wes Davey. Many thanks for letting us know about and remember Bobby.

This was taken from the New York Times:

Ten Children Killed In Blaze at Home

KASOTA, Minn., Sept. 13 (AP)—Ten children died last night in a fire that leveled a two‐story home near this south ern Minnesota town.

One child, Joanne McConnell, 14 years old, got out of the burning house by Jumping from a second‐floor window. She ran about a mile and summoned firemen.

Joanne said she tried to reach

Nine of the victims were children or stepchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bowish, who were not home. The 10th vic­tim, Roger Brown, 15, was an orphan who lived with the Bowishes.

Five of the children were by a previous marriage of Mrs. Bowish. The victims were: Danny Bowish, 2; Laurie Bow­ish, 4; Casey Bowish, 5; Dennis Bowish, 6; Linda McConnell, 8; Marvin McConnell, 9; Vickie McConnell, 10; Mary McCon­nell, 13, and Robert McConnell, 16.

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